Cornelia Funk Challenge

 I was browsing challenges and noticed that Zoe of Zoe’s Book Reviews is hosting a Cornelia Funke challenge–actually, this is the event that prompted me to blog. Ironically I just started reading Inkheart because Alex had left it lying around, and am really enjoying it. Marie and I were recently discussing fantasy, and I was trying to explain the type of fantasy I like (which my complicated by the fact that I’m not sure myself). I tend to prefer young adult fantasy rather than all-out fantasy , which I think is for a few reasons. First, it tends to more closely follow genre conventions, such as hero/heroine, comic figure(s), and a quest of some sort. In addition, it tends to be more closely based in reality, in that the author doesn’t feel a need to display and expound upon countless fictional facets of their created world.

Inkheart meets both these criteria (at least in the first hundred pages), but more importantly to me it centers around books and book lovers. I love when novels contain quotes at the beginning of chapters, and many of the ones chosen here are familiar to me, which is even more exciting. This may be a case of being the right book at the right time, but either way I’m already enjoying it immensely.

I’d like to finish Inkheart, and I believe we own Inkspell as well. Hopefully I can get my hands on a copy of the third book before going back to school, but if not I think I can borrow The Thief Lord from Alex. That way I can take it back with me, as I don’t like overloading on the same author all at once

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