High Rising

 I saw a mention somewhere of Angela Thirkell’s novels, set in the same Barsetshire as Anthony Trollope’s chronicles which I do still plan to read someday…) I’m as fond of comfortable English country life as the next, so I figured I would give them a try. The fact that they had their own companion website created by fans was also a huge recommendation for me.

I was happy to find that O’Neill had a complete set of them and promptly checked out the first two. I read the first half of High Rising on the flight down to Tampa; happily the book was far less disappointing that the game. I hadn’t expected so modern a tone (at least, modern in the twentieth-century sense), and found all of the characters charming. Of course I especially liked Laura Morland, with her affection for everyone, her tendency to fiddle with her hair, and her self-professed love and talent for melodromatic books.

I’m still not sure whether or not I’m satisfied with the way she resolved things between characters. On the one hand, I do like having everyone paired up. On the other, I recognize that it is certainly more realistic for some people to have thwarted hopes, for some personalities to remain independent, for some close friendships to be better off staying platonic. It also leaves more room for potential development later on.

I did sneak the next volume home with me and am looking forward to reading it, though I’m not sure yet how much character continuity there actually is between books. Bringing it to Nashville would probably be too much of a jinx, though…

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  1. […] High Rising, by Angela Thirkell: technically a 2008 read, but at the tail end of December and leading into my other Barsetshire visits. I think I smiled the entire time. […]

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