9 For ’09 Challenge

I’m super excited about this challenge, because I could definitely use a push to read what’s already on my shelves instead of always looking for more. Some of these I picked up before I had even abandoned the children’s section at the library!


9 For ’09 Challenge

Hosted by Isabel


  • Open to anyone, whether you have a blog or not!
  • No need to register or to announce what you are going to read.
  • Start in any category that you wish.
  • 3 books from this reading challenge can be used in other reading challenges.
  • Just post in the comment section.
  • The genre of the books can be ANYTHING (fiction or non-fiction), but it must be decent (because you have to write reviews about the books).
  • Other reading materials (graphic novels, poetry, museum catalogs, art books, zines etc.) are OK.
  • The book must already be in your bookcase or storage area.
  • The Challenge starts 12/27/08 to 12/27/09. (I hate to begin anything on January 1st).
  • You can post starting on 12/27/08.
  • Format of work can be paper, audio, or electronic.

Here are my selections for the categories:

  1. Long: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, by J.K. Rowling (no, I still haven’t read it…I think I’m in denial, and might end up changing this selection even!)
  2. Free: The Green Years, by A.J. Cronin (from a table)
  3. Dusty: Joy in the Morning, by Betty Smith (probably been sitting around for about five years)
  4. Used: This will be my wild card, as most of my gothics and mysteries have been picked up used
  5. Letter: Summer of the Monkeys, by Wilson Rawls (my initials in reverse)
  6. Strange: Eight Plays, by Henrik Ibsen (outside my comfort zone)
  7. Distance: Death in Kenya, by M. M. Kaye (almost 7500 miles away)
  8. Alive or Not: The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, by Laurie King (alive author who won an Edgar for one of her contemporary mysteries)
  9. Cover: Murder on a Hot Tin Roof, by Amanda Matetsky (the covers for this 50’s-based series are just darling!)
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  2. […] it’s been sitting on my shelves for years–and probably still would be if not for the 9 For 09 Challenge. His initials are the reverse of mine, so I figured it was a good fit for the Letters […]

  3. Glad you joined! It’s not too late.

  4. […] book is for the “Dusty” category in the 9 For ‘09 Challenge, as well as the “Time of Day category for the What’s in a Name 2 Challenge. Possibly […]

  5. […] it was discarded from my high school library, so this is for the “Free” category in the 9 for 09 Challenge. Published […]

  6. […] book is for the Distance category of the 9 for 09 Challenge. According to this site Rift Valley is about 7500 miles away from me! Published […]

  7. […] is for the “Strange” category of the 9 for 09 Challenge, as I don’t often read plays (though I’m not sure why). It’s also a classic and a […]

  8. […] is my book for the Alive or Not award winner category of the 9 for ‘09 Challenge. Fitzgerald passed away in 2000 at the age of 83. Published […]

  9. […] month left in the year, and I still need to pick a book for the “long” category of the 9 for 09 Challenge. I think I’ve realized that I probably won’t get to Half Blood Prince by the end of the […]

  10. […] is my choice for the “Used” category of the 9 for 09 Challenge. Last year I was lucky enough to purchase a set of eight dust-jacketed Carolyn Wells books on eBay […]

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