Further Purchases

One of my favorite parts about coming home is perusing the used book rack at the library with fresh eyes. They have a pretty decent turnover rate, but somehow it seems I have better odds for a good find when I haven’t seen it in a while. It makes up a little for missing the Friends sale, and for a grand total of eight dollars I can afford to indulge.

In addition to the Maeve Binchy book mentioned yesterday I found three of her other books (Quentins, Echoes, and Tara Road). I was hesitant at first but decided to splurge because they were is such great condition. I also picked up two Perry Masons, the Case of the Careless Kitten and the Case of the Crooked Candle.

I talked myself into a first edition of Martha Grimes’ The Dear Leap because we own the first three in the series (though Mom has been selling them off). Finally, I upgraded two of my Mary Higgins Clarks to hardcover, My Gal Sunday and Remember Me (which was my first way back in middle school). One of the things I’ve learned over my years of book collecting, which I wish I knew when I started, is to be patient and hold off if there’s a good chance something better will come along in the future. It’s so much easier for me to say no at the outset than to get rid of something once it’s on the shelf. For years I had three paperback copies of Our Town because I couldn’t decide which one to keep!

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