Corduroy Mansions

After a semi-hiatus I am back to reading Alexander McCall Smith’s online serialization Corduroy Mansions. First, I must say that I adore his books, and am far from alone in this sentiment. It almost seems that those who comment on the installments have formed a community amongst themselves.

I was always behind, as I came into it late, but right now I’m at 45 with almost that many still unread. There are only three more weeks until the end of the story and I’m not sure how much longer they will be online, so I really must pick up the pace. I think it would have been better if I had read one every single day; as it is, with such a large cast I have trouble recalling who everyone is and what exactly was happening to them when I last left off. I noticed that even with the 44 Scotland Street series, and those I did read in book form. I think this is why I prefer to read series all at one go rather than waiting around for the next volume to come out, at least those where characters grow and change (as opposed to Perry Mason or Nancy Drew).

I just wanted to share this one quote from my current installment; I really think it captures one of the underlying themes of his work. There’s just something so comforting about his writing-and there’s an analogy on the tip of my brain but it won’t reveal itself.

” Poor Terence. Poor, dear, gentle Terence. He had been searching for something all his life – he said as much himself – and he had never found it. And that thing, of course, was love, although he never saw it that way. He said that he was looking for enlightenment, for beauty; he said that he was looking for the sacred principle that informed the world. And all the time he was looking for that simple thing that all of us look for; that we yearn for throughout our lives. Just to be loved. That was all. She took her brother’s hand and held it lightly. There was oil on it, or blood, she was not sure which. When had she last held his hand? When had she last held anybody’s hand? That simple gesture of fellow feeling, which expresses ordinary human solidarity, which says: you are not alone, I am with you. I am here.”

Off to read more!

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