Corduroy Mansions

Today was the hundredth and last installment of Alexander McCall Smith’s online novel, and I was very sorry to see it end. There were most definitely some loose ends, but overall it did seem like a good breaking point. The main focus was after all on William, and his relationships and state of mind are much more peaceful now.

Oedipus, however, remains unscathed, and Barbara has yet to hear the conclusion to her fiance’s fiascoes abroad. Even Basil is still a mystery, though he may never be fully explained. I am least satisfied with where Caroline’s storyline is headed, as she is my favorite character (yes, even more so than Freddie de la Haye). I was really rooting for her and James; apparently AMS had other plans in mind, which seemed much too abrupt and out of the blue.

I’m desperately hoping that he’ll continue the story, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to have enjoyed a serial novel as it was intended to be read. Every installment was a new little treat, especially poetic ones like “A Flower in the Air between Two People.” I don’t know what I’ll do with myself now on lunch breaks! The reader comments (when they worked) were a nice side effect of the online format.

In parting, I’ll share this beautiful snippet for the obligatory ending party poem:

“Friendship is a guise of love,

And love is friendship

Dressed up for a night out.

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