Slightly Chipped

Slightly Chipped: Footnotes in Booklore, from the dollar rack, was my other find at Brookline Booksmith, and I absolutely love it. It consists entirely of anecdotes of Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone’s adventures to increase their collection and knowledge.

In case you haven’t picked up on it, I like books. :  ) Reading them, of course, but also holding them, smelling them, collecting them, caring for them, and learning all about them. So I really enjoy knowing that other people feel the same way, and can even make a living out of doing so.  Plus, I tend to like memoirs in general that have a gentleness to them, which is why I need to get around to reading A Year in Provence–but that’s a different story.

One of my favorite chapters gave a lot of good insights into the explosive world of mystery collecting. Despite it being overall one of my favorite genres, I feel somewhat at a disadvantage because I shy away from the more “high-brow” hardboiled thrillers that will be tomorrows sought-after firsts. Instead, I tend to bury my nose in gothics or cozies that often never make it out of paperbacks until the series has started to become formulaic. Apparently, however, it is an area ripe for speculation; everyone has their own approach to guessing which book will be the next blockbuster, and values can skyrocket overnight for a small first run.

Another chapter detailed their trip to the Rosenbach museum in Philadelphia to see the notes and first draft of Dracula. Mrs. P told me about the museum a few years ago, but I don’t think I ever appreciated how intimate it is, assuming it to be like the Isabella Stuart Gardiner. While the focus is equally on all the other valuables housed there, apparently anyone with interest is able to get a firsthand look at the books themselves, and hear all about them. I definitely need to look into this again!

Yet another explained the fairly new practices for searching for first edition books online. I didn’t notice until getting here that the book was published 11 years ago. How times have changed…

I’ve been drawing out the last few chapters to savor them, but I know the Goldstones have written at least one other book so I’ll have to keep my eye out for it.

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