48HRC Challenge Summary

I know there’s a little time left before my 10:00 deadline, but frankly it seemed like a good place to cut off. Here’s the recap by the numbers:

Total Time: 20 hours

Time Reading: 17 hrs

Time Blogging: 2 hrs

Time Networking: 1 hr

Total Pages:1142

Books Completed: Two Little Women and Treasure House (270), The Key to Rebecca (389), Tell Me if the Lovers Are Losers (198), Black Elk in Paris (214)

Books in Progress: Little Dorrit (86 this weekend), Murder on a Hot Tin Roof (85)

I think if I had planned in advance and cut back on normal activities like sleeping and chores I could have fit a lot more in. I’m still pretty pleased with the results though, and it gives me something to improve on for next year!

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  1. Great job! I’m totally pooped right now. Get some sleep! 😀

  2. I need sleep! I slept normally too. Great job on completing the challenge!

  3. Congrats on finishing the Challenge with great numbers. I had a great adventure and learned a great deal about new books to read as well as met new colleagues via blogs. I am already looking forward to next year!

  4. No shame in being part of the 20+ club! Great job!

  5. You did GREAT!

  6. Good job. Over 1000 pages in 20 hours. That is really good.

  7. Congratulations on a great job!

  8. Congratuations! I drew your name to win a book prize from the MotherReader stash. Please email me with your address and types of books you’d prefer for you or your family (I’m always awash in kids’ books). My email:

    MotherReader AT gmail DOT com

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