My Faith in Frankie

I absolutely love reading the comics in the newspaper, both for the humor and the story lines. Years ago I had a brief fling with manga, but even though I really like the drawing style when well done I had trouble finding plots that weren’t too heavily based on fantasy, and of which the library had enough copies (Forbidden Dance and Mars stand out in my memory). I still think the Nancy Drew graphic novels were a brilliant idea, and love the full-color art.

It’s been a while, though, so I scoured the library shelves and came up with My Faith in Frankie, put out by Vertigo. Frankie is a teenage girl with her own personal god Jeriven, in whom she’s been the sole believer since their childhood. Now that Frankie’s interested in boys, however, especially dreamy Dean, Jeriven starts to get jealous. Soon Dean turns out to be more than he seems, and Jeriven and Frankie’s best friend Kay must defend her in an underworld battle.

My Faith in Frankie has a very creative well-written plot, and I loved the wry humor throughout. It was definitely way too nontraditional for my taste, though. The cover blurb calls Frankie a “young Audrey Hepburn,” which may be true in appearance, but I don’t think Audrey would have been so miffed if a guardian wouldn’t let her sleep around. Or believe a threesome the best solution to a love triangle.

So I ended up liking this against my will, but it definitely whetted my appetite for the genre again. I know I’ll have to check out classics like Neil Gaiman, and I’m also looking forward to finding some lighthearted manga.

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