Caving In

Was it ever really a question of not buying these? I ended up using my Borders coupon–25% off entire purchase is really too good to pass up. I was able to find the following in first printings:

  • The Perfect Escape: Girl Detective #32 and Book 3 in the Perfect Crime
  • Secret Identity: Girl Detective #33 and Book 1 in the Identity Mystery Trilogy
  • Identity Theft: Girl Detective #34 and Book 2 in the Identity Mystery Trilogy
  • Identity Revealed: Girl Detective book #35 and Book 3 in the Identity Mystery Trilogy
  • Club Dread: the third Girl Detective/Undercover Brothers Super Mystery, set at a teen resort. The back cover doesn’t give a summary beyond a tag line, which I was annoyed at.

I’m curious as to how the Undercover Brothers series is faring. I can understand the decision from a marketing standpoint to introduce the organization ATAC (American Teens Against Crime), in order to compete more with most other boys books around today. However, it turned away a lot of classic Hardy Boys fans, and even I have to admit I find it hard to reconcile the current books with older ones.

There were no Undercover Brother books on the shelves at the Borders Express (though I also took the only copies of the Girl Detectives), and rumor has it Simon and Schuster is cutting the series back to only three releases a year instead of six like the Girl Detectives. Even though I have mixed feelings I’d hate to see it die away for fear of there being no new Hardy Boys books at all. The recent Tom Swift Young Inventor series, which I really enjoyed, only lasted six volumes because sales were low. Of course anything without fantasy seems a hard sell for children these days.

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