…Sea Monsters?

When Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was hyped and released, I was skeptical. While zombies are not really my thing (except Shaun of the Dead), I have a healthy appreciation for parody and satire, and other such retellings–provided they have enough merit to stand on their on two feet instead of relying on the popularity of the original and the curiosity of fans.

From what I read in promotions and reviews it seemed that the main selling point of P&P&Z (yes, it already has an acronym) is a gimmicky concept. Does it offer any fresh perspective on characters? Does it bring anything new to the timeless, beloved plot? I mean in addition to the undead.

I also tend to shy away from overly popular books when I know that in a literary sense they are not as deserving as others of their fame (Twilight, I’m talking to you). There are many Jane Austen spin-offs on the marker right now, and yet this is the one getting all the buzz. On the other hand, it may bring in new readers to the Regency era.

Overall, I was pretty firm in my resolve not to read P&P&Z. And then, I came across this online:

So it seems like the craze is with us to stay. And I have to admit that this did intrigue me a little. I still wonder why everyone keeps picking on poor Jane instead of taking advantage of the other classic/horror mashups bloggers everywhere are devising, but I’m starting to think I should check it out for myself before criticizing.

Also, a commenter on YouTube complained that the “nice guy” dies while the snotty girl lives. Indeed, I would be inclined to describe Willoughby and Marianne as such after watching. Is that just the impression given in the trailer or is Quirk Books actually taking liberties with the characters?

On an unrelated note, what is it with the new publicity craze of book trailers? I’ve seen ones with with still photos and text before, but never with live action–makes you wonder if they’re already thinking about film rights. I suppose on the internet people are more likely to watch something than actually read an exerpt, which is somewhat telling about their target audience. Thoughts?

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