Booksale Loot 1: Series Books

Here’s the first round from the booksale this week. I tried to separate everything based on category, which I had to do to shelve them anyway. More to follow later! (Sorry for the poor quality of the photo; I didn’t have batteries for the camera and had to use my phone.)


I realized a while ago that I don’t necessarily have the budget to actively collect these series, but I still pick them up when I see them to fill in the gaps from my childhood in the hopes that I’ll pass them on someday. Most of these are out of print, so I’m not going to link the titles.

Nancy Drew Files: #95, An Instinct for Trouble
Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Supermysteries: #10 High Survival (I saw this first, but my cousin still gets reading rights)
Hardy Boys Casefiles: #8 See No Evil, #12 Perfect Getaway, #36 Running on Empty, #77 Survival Run. I’ve noticed over the years that these are much easier to come by than Nancy Drews–I suppose boys are less nostalgic?

The Hardy Boys: #2 The House on the Cliff . This is one of the Applewood reprints, a replica of the book as it first appeared back in 1927 and not the revised text widely available today.

The Bobbsey Twins and the Circus Surprise, #25. I seem to be in the minority for having loved these as a child, but there are several photos kicking around of little me buried in one of the purple spines. And I still love the line illustrations.

The Boxcar Children, #33 The Pizza Mystery and Special #13 The Mystery in New York. My mom said to me, “You mean there are Boxcar Children’s you don’t own?” Well, my old copy of The Pizza Mystery was also secondhand and evenually turned out to have mildew, so I was glad to replace it. The other is one of the ones published after I outgrew Scholastic Book Club orders -I think the series is up to over a hundred books now! My dad asked the same thing when he saw me unpacking these.

A Time for Courage: The Suffragette Diary of Kathleen Bowen. I still can resist buying Dear America books when I find them used. They are extremely accurate historical fiction, and look so pretty lined up on the shelf.

Robin Kane: The Mystery of the Phantom by Eileen Hill. I was unfamiliar with this mystery series put out by Whitman in the 1960s, so I figure I’d check it out.

Next up will be the suspense books I found…

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