Because What’s One More…

I have stated unequivocally that there was no way I was joining any more challenges. I’ve been on a roll lately but there are still 23 books that I need to read for challenges by the end of the year (only 16 if I allow overlaps and don’t stick to my lists). That’s like 1.3 a week, which will get tougher once school starts. (Thus my law-of-averages-dictated emphasis on challenge reads as of late).

So why on earth would I even consider attempting to add another challenge to the list?

Because it’s this:

hprclogoThe other reasons are that

  • I have never read the sixth or seventh books.
  • I only read the fifth book last summer, and will need to read it again before the sixth.
  • Said sixth book was chosen way back when as my “long” book for the 9 for ’09 challenge.
  • I will want to read the first book again before the seventh. Because I know afterwards I will never be able to read it the same way.
  • I will want to read the seventh before the movie comes out next year and spoilers abound.

So that’s four out of the seven books right there. You may wonder why I’ve gone so long without completing the series. It always tends to earn me shocked looks (though it’s a great fact for Two Truths and a Lie). The simple, complicated reason is that I love Harry Potter. I’m part of the cohort that would have been the same age as Harry if he had aged naturally since the first publication. I read the first three books probably like five times, managed the hefty fourth one, and settled down for a steady diet of fan fiction while waiting for the fifth.

And that, dear friends, was my ruination. For me Harry Potter was a world of possibilities, of characters who had been created, given a few years together, and released into the imagination. Depending on my mood and current read I could choose what characters ended up together romantically, or how the fated final battle would come about. I recall reading “Draco Dormiens” and never dreaming that it would blow up into a huge controversy.

When the fifth book came out I was hesitant, guessing that things might not necessarily work out the way I wanted (yes, I admit to being an H/H shipper…). How do you accept a canon that previously didn’t exist. Then I inadvertently found out the ending to the fifth book (thanks, summer campers), and decided that until I actually read the book, the events it described in fact didn’t exist. So I left it on the shelf, and the same with the sixth. I also had the ending spoiled for that–I think it was an overheard conversation. The sad thing is I know my reaction to it won’t be the same now that I know what’s coming.

Part of me likes my blissful ignorance, so that I can go back and reread the early books without the shadow of a later fate hanging over any of the characters. On some level, however, I also want to know the full story, because I know with J.K. Rowling it will be one heck of a ride. So this will give me a chance to read the complete series in order.

And if you’ve managed to survive all the rambling, here are the actual details of the challenge, hosted by Galleysmith:

Harry Potter Reading Challenge

What: Read or listen to all seven books in the Harry Potter series

  • Sorcerer’s Stone
  • Chamber of Secrets
  • Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Goblet of Fire
  • Order of the Pheonix
  • Half-Blood Prince
  • Deathly Hallows

When: The challenge will run from August 1, 2009 to July 31, 2010.  I know we’re all busy with life and work and other such fun things so join up whenever you want, there are no deadlines to the challenge besides the end date above.  :)

Where: E-to the Everywhere!  Post reviews on your blog, chat about it on messageboards, post vlogs or podcasts, comment on and converse about it in the monthly post I create here on Galleysmith.  It’s entirely up to you, as long as there is some evidence of your having completed each book along the way you are good to go.

If you’re up for a read or reread you should join in as well! Everyone who signs up before the 15th will be entered to win a complete set.

So technically I have until next July…as long as book six is read by December! : \

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  1. Good luck on your challenge! I absolutely loved how it all ended! Enjoy the journey!

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