Stuck in the Books

I’ve been in a little bit of a reading rut lately–you may have noticed the relative sparseness of postings. I’m not sure why but it may be a combination of several factors.

  1. The heat and
  2. The humidity. We try not to turn the air on if we can help it, so we’ve been relying on the fans to see us through and the stickiness always makes me slightly irritable.
  3. The garden. As in so far we’ve frozen four bags full of zucchini, made five loaves of zucchini bread, and canned sixteen quarts of pickles. And of course the heat wave means that our tomatoes will start ripening now in full force.
  4. Moll Flanders. I’ve been enjoying it but it seems even harder to get through than Dickens and has very small print. After an hour of reading I’ll have gotten through maybe twenty pages or so, which is pretty frustrating since I’m normally a relatively fast reader. And the plot is dense–not confusing, but a lot of things happen.
  5. The Sims 3. I admit that I’m addicted, though luckily it’s on installed on my brother’s widescreen computer so I can only play when he’s not home.

I had mapped out all the books I need to read for challenges by the end of the year, and was trying to cram a lot in now since I figured the school year would destroy my free time. That doesn’t look like it will be the case, at least unfortunately not yet, so I’ve been letting myself choose books on a whim to get me over this hump. After my recent reflection on children’s books I decided one of my old friends would be perfect and have Ginnie and the Mystery Doll ready to go. I’ve also been reading Dave Barry Turns Forty at night to give myself a respite from good old Moll.

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