The Usual Saturday Routine

I was actually very good today–only two new library books! Instead of browsing I used my free time to just sit and read, and managed to knock off 75 pages of The Mayor of Casterbridge in one sitting. And I’m really enjoying it so far, much more than I had expected. In some ways it’s similar to Tess, and I just keep waiting for something bad to happen to the characters. Fingers crossed that everything works out!

Here’s what I did snag:

library-lootMy Little Blue Dress, by Bruno Maddox. The forged memoir of a centenarian woman, which also claims to be a romance and murder mystery. Amazon ratings are quite bipolar, so I have no idea whether I’ll love or hate it but will probably just read it either way. The cover was the main reason I picked it up.

Manservant and Maidservant (New York Review Books Classics), by Ivy Compton-Burnett. My mom had mixed feelings on her earlier this summer (which seems to be the general consensus) and I’ve wanted to form my own opinion ever since. Luckily Simon at Stuck-in-a-Book is encouraging a group read of this one.

Plus I Capture the Castle and Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict (halfway through) from last time. At least next Saturday I’m only working one shift and don’t have an excuse to go!

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