2009 in Review: By the Numbers

This year has been a bit of an anomaly for me. For the past few years I was completely occupied with schoolwork and other things, finding it hard to squeeze in non-academic reading other than during summer and holidays. After graduation, however, I allowed myself to devote the summer to catching up, and the delay in finding a full-time job added to my reading splurge. It makes cutting back now seem even more obvious, though I am extremely grateful to be employed!

I managed a whopping 101 books this year, a number I haven’t seen the likes of since high school (though many were shorter books). As a comparison, last year’s total was only 40. Here is the breakdown:

Female authors: 56
Male authors: 41
Compilations/coauthors: 4

Mysteries: 26
Young adult/children’s books: 20
Graphic novels: 6
Online novels: 1
Nonfiction: 4
Books in translation: 8 (not including manga)
Short story collections: 4

Books on the Guardian list: 18
Books on the 1001 Books list: 6 (I’m always surprised by this disparity)

My goal for next year is to work in more short stories and nonfiction. Also, reading Alexander McCall Smith’s online novel has reconciled me a bit to the idea of a screen instead of paper pages. While I doubt I’ll be buying a Kindle or Nook any time soon, perhaps I should think more seriously about taking advantage of Project Gutenberg for older hard-to-find books.

Also, ironically, I hope to take less advantage of my local library. As much as I love browsing the shelves for random reads, there are so many books waiting at home that I feel I’ll never catch up. Especially with my gluttony at the book sales earlier…

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