Emma Volume 4

I’ve found that I’m reading the books in this manga series more than once–the first time racing through for the story, and the second time slowly to savor the beautiful artwork. Kaoru Mori does both elements extremely well.

In Emma: Volume 4, due to her familiarity with London, Emma is chosen to accompany the Molders on a brief trip to the city. The footman Hans is among other servants making the trip, and looks forward to the chance to spend time alone with her. Mrs. Molder pays another visit to her reclusive friend Mrs. Trollope, who convinces Emma to accompany her to a family affair. She attempts to pass Emma off as a society girl, with surprising results. Meanwhile, William is also at a party celebrating his engagement to Eleanor Campbell. He continues to wear a cool facade, but begins to wonder if he has been entirely successful in attempts to erase Emma from his thoughts.

I will say right now that this is my favorite volume in the series. It is sweet, heart-wrenching, and gorgeously drawn. I will always be a sucker for ballroom scenes and crying men, and when a talented artist gives me both–well, it’s more than I could have hoped for. For example, this reviewer at Dear Author uploaded one of my favorite scenes (images are potential spoiler). You can just feel the emotion in the body language of the characters, like the tension in William’s hands.

I’m trying to ration these, so we’ll see how long I can wait before volume 5…

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