Mossflower is the second book in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques and goes back to the time of Martin the Warrior, whose legacy played a large role in the first book.

The creatures of Mossflower Woods live in fear of the wildcat queen Tsarina, who rules from Kotir Castle and imprisons anyone who dares cross her. Such is the fate of Martin, a young warrior mouse from the north who is imprisoned upon unknowingly entering the territory armed. While in the dungeons he meets Gonff, a Mossflower mouse caught playing Robin Hood with the Kotir stores.

The two manage to escape and meet up with  Gonff’s various friends of Corim, Council of Resistance in Mossflower, who are currently hiding out at the home of the badger Bella of Brockhall. They are also joined by Abbess Germaine and a small group of her fellow mice, driven from their old home at Loamhedge by the deadly sickness that decimated their numbers. Now, with Martin’s expertise, the band of otters, squirrels, moles, and hedgehogs who have been training for a fight begin planning to retake their woods and end the rule of the wildcats.

I haven’t read many of the later books in the series ( I think there are at least fifteen), but I’m familiar with most of the premises. It’s neat to see how after just two books, seeds are planted for many of the characters, places, and themes of the Redwall universe. It’s so rich in detail that I would love to be a woodland creature myself, even if just to participate in their great feasts.

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