Bobbsey Twins Series

I was lucky enough at the spring library sale to find two Bobbsey Twins paperbacks. I understand that most adult collectors prefer Nancy and the Hardy Boys in terms of rereadablilty, but I was an avid Bobbseys fan for years before being deemed old enough for the other series.

The first, The Music Box Mystery, is one of the Wanderer paperbacks from after the Syndicate was sold. When a local antique store closes it finds a music box marked for the little girl at the Bobbseys’ address. Mr. Bobbsey recalls that the Wardells, who used to own the house, had a granddaughter who disappeared right before they moved. When the current story breaks, others are also suddenly determined to find the missing Wardell girl for various reasons, including a tie to a lost Lakeport treasure.

In only 120 pages, the book is able to cram in three storylines that end up overlapping. It may be slightly implausible, but it’s also quite exciting. Despite the renumbering this series has a lot in common with the hardcovers, including the bully Danny Rugg.

The Clue that Flew Away, part of the New Bobbsey Twins series, has a different feel even though it was published only a few years later. The series has a more modern feel, and in later volumes gave most of the glory to the younger twins. I remember buying a few of these new in stores when I was little.

When teen heartthrob Tim Archer is accused of stealing a priceless jeweled hot air balloon pin, Nan is sure he’s been framed. Meanwhile, Flossie is chosen as a stunt double for a balloon ride scene in his local movie. Her look-alike Jessica is suddenly afraid to go up, and Freddie thinks her fear might be tied to the theft somehow. This book also has fantastic 1980s illustrations that I’ll have to see if I can scan in.

These were both quick reads (about an hour total, thanks to cliff-hangers), but a fun reminder of why I haven’t forgotten these younger sleuths.

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