Vampire Slayer, Part Two

I have to admit that as soon as I had a Barnes and Noble coupon not needed to buy a gift, I splurged on Nancy Drew The New Case Files #2. Amazon bills it as The Vampire’s Kiss, probably to match the cover, but the title that actually appears on the book is just Vampire Slayer Part Two.

In this sequel to Vampire Slayer Part One, Nancy is now locked inside Gregor’s mansion with a mysterious madwoman who believes he is a vampire and is trying to kill him. Meanwhile, though trapped outside and waiting for the police, Ned, Bess, and George have tapped into the security camera network and can only watch events unfold. Unfortunately, with no sound, they miss the revelation that Gregor suffers from porphyria rather than bat bites. This leads to quite a different interpretation of events.

How do I feel about this? I kept turning the pages, but this isn’t the Nancy Drew I love best. In fact, I felt that everyone was a little out of character, which is surprising because the authors are the same as for the old graphic novels. (This allows the nice touch of using details from previous books as a plot device.) The events outside with Nancy’s friends and the police are humorous because the reader has information they don’t, but also felt like filler. Ned has every reason for jealousy, but he allows it to consume him. Nancy, on the other hand, is completely faithful and completely clueless. Overall, between the Nancy/Ned tension and the Frank/Joe tension it really does feel like the old case files series!

In addition…SPOILER ALERT…there’s a big goof! On page 24 the narration refers to the stalker by name, a conclusion that Nancy definitely doesn’t reach until later. In fact, it’s a pretty big plot point. When I read it the first time I flipped back to see if I had missed her name given earlier, and later figured out it was a mistake. Knowing her name takes away a lot of the suspense for a reader with a sharp eye.

The story at times really stretched the bounds of plausibility for me. What I really wanted was a mystery, and instead it seems part comedy of errors and part science fiction. However, I’m still dying to know what happens next! I can’t believe I have to wait till March for Hardy Boys # 2 Break-Up! and August for Nancy Drew # 3 Together with the Hardy Boys!

Update: I did send Papercutz an email about the spoiler mistake but never heard back.

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