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As anticipated,  I needed to take a break from blogging for the remainder of the school year. I enjoy sharing my thoughts about what I read and books in general, but I’d rather use the sparse spare time I get while teaching to actually read books and blogs! Now that summer vacation is here I hope to get back to posting on a regular basis (though I make no promises for September).

I have still been reading, and the stack next to the shelves is books I would like to still write about before I put away. I might not get to all of them, but there should be several reviews cropping up in the next week or so. I tend to start drafts for books and never finish them (the drafts, not the books). I apologize for the influx if you read this with an RSS feed! I’ll probably keep the original dates on the posts so they appear in the order in which they were read, just for my own sake.

I don’t really have summer reading plans, though I would like to finally read books 6 and 7 for Harry Potter. (Have I said that enough times on this blog yet?) I also want to pick up with Angela Thirkell and Agatha Christie, and perhaps even start Anthony Trollope. I even have a couple challenges I’m thinking about, though I know from last year that if I don’t finish over the summer they won’t get done. As always, my eyes seen to be bigger than my stomach when it comes to books…

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