Being the Only Reading Challenge In Which I Partake

Let me tell you about my love for Jane Austen. For Christmas several years ago, my mom gave me the first six books in the Jane Austen Mysteries series, and I absolutely loved them. At the time I knew relatively little about Jane beyond the plot of P&P (because everyone knows it, and I’d seen it on Wishbone).  Stephanie Barron made Jane and her world come alive, and by the time I actually read Pride and Prejudice for school that year I was hooked on Austen. I even wrote my research paper on Jane’s love life, inspired by Jane and the Man of Cloth.

I read the next two in the series but eventually got sidetracked, and I know I want to reread the earlier ones before catching up on the series. This time around I will have actually read the Jane Austen novels (except for Sense and Sensibility*, but I’ve seen the movie umpteen times). In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to sign up for the

Being a Jane Austen Mystery Reading Challenge 2011

from Laurel Ann at Austenprose

We are very pleased to announce the Being a Jane Austen Mystery Reading Challenge 2011. If you have not discovered one of her wonderful mysteries, this is a great opportunity to join the challenge along with other Janeites, historical fiction and mystery lovers.

Challenge Details

Time-line: The Being a Jane Austen Mystery Challenge runs January 1, through December 31, 2011.

Levels of participation: Neophyte: 1 – 4 novels, Disciple 5 – 8 novels, Aficionada 9 – 11 novels.

I’m only doing the 1-4 level to start, but I’m so excited to go back and read these again! As an added bonus, Stephanie Barron is contributing posts to the challenge about writing and researching the books.

It’s funny, because when I was in high school I would read entire series at a time, like these or Laura Childs’ Tea Shop mysteries or Alexander McCall Smith–every book available all at once–and then never catch up afterwards. Now I try to pace myself and dislike reading a lot of books by the same author, but it seems like at this rate I will never be able to catch up. This just might be my experiment at going back to the old method!

*I will definitely play along with the Austenprose Sense and Sensibility Challenge, but it’s too late to officially join. Good year for me to catch up with Jane, I guess! : )

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