November Book Sale

I think I’m running out of room in my house for books (horror!), but since I pulled about thirty over the summer to sell I’m hoping I’m not quite at saturation yet. The bookshelf in the spare room isn’t double-shelved yet…

Every book sale has a different character, and I’ve found that the library bi-annual sales are the worst for older non-classic adult fiction but best for series books in terms of quantity.

  • I’m slowly but surely building a set of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys paperbacks. Most of the Files/Casefiles I have because I actually read those growing up, but I’m trying to fill in my sparse collection of digests. These ones are all in pretty good condition. I was also thrilled to find a first printing of Without a Trace. I have the boxed set of the first four Girl Detective books, but they are all much later printings.
  • The Clue in the Jewel Box is a neat library binding, and I did not own a revised text version of The Clue in the Old Album. This one has the third cover art.
  • Secret of the Old Sleigh and Phantom of Dark Oaks: I always see Linda Craig advertised in the back of the Wanderer Nancy Drews. Of course, now I need to track down the beginning volumes to start with!
  • Mission Moonfire: This is a Christopher Cool, T.E.E.N. Agent book. It was one of the other series parodied in Chelsea Cain’s Confessions of a Teen Sleuth. I started flipping through, and it’s fun but totally cheesy. Did Simon and Schuster use this as the inspiration for A.T.A.C in the Undercover Brother series? Did they think about the fact that this lasted for 6 volumes while the Hardy Boys classic formula stayed strong?
  • The Bobbsey Twins at the Ice Carnival and The Mystery at Snow Lodge: I think I’m up to six Bobbsey Twins books with dust jackets now–but that’s okay because they’re all the same.
  • two Boxcar Children books and a Mandie book: I was excited about the Amusement Park Mystery because it’s the only one I was missing out of 1-30. I used to buy them from the Scholastic Book orders at school, but I somehow missed some and had to read them at the library instead.

And yes, I do buy adult books too!

  • Murder at Arroways, by Helen Reilly: an Inspector McKee mystery. I have another one requested on Bookmooch, but the person seems to have changed his or her email address since joining so I have little hope of ever receiving it.
  • Blood Orange Brewing and Dragonwell Dead, by Laura Childs: I am so far behind on the Tea Shop Mysteries, but I do want to continue reading them.
  • The Double Comfort Safari Club, by Alexander McCall Smith: I need to catch up with this series, too. I also passed up another one in the series I could have sworn I already owned, but I don’t think I do. I suppose that makes up for the Susan Wittig Albert book I accidentally bought a duplicate of. This happens surprisingly infrequently given the number of books I own.
  • The Big Over Easy, by Jasper Fforde
  • Alarums and Diversions, by James Thurber: our copy was pretty beat-up, and this one has a dust jacket.
  • Suite Française, by Irene Nemirovsky: this one has been on my reading list for a long time.
  • In My Father’s House and The Last Silk Dress, by Ann Rinaldi: She writes the best American historical fiction. Both of these are set during the Civil War. The first is about the family whose house was used for the surrender (I never realized Appomatox Courthouse was a village and not a building). The second is about a hot air balloon that the south attempted to use.
  • Barnaby Rudge, by Charles Dickens: We don’t own this one, and Dickens is definitely an author of whom I’d like to read more.
  • The Plague, by Albert Camus: I don’t know if existential writing is really my thing, but I guess I won’t know until I try.
  • The Code of the Woosters, by P.G. Wodehouse: I’m thrilled to have found another of these lovely editions.
  • The Forsyte Saga, by John Galsworthy: I might have to save this for summer, but I;m looking forward to working my way through it.

Whew! I don’t usually ask for books for Christmas because I don’t mind waiting and can find them used later on. Hopefully these are the last books that enter the house for a while until I find any others to get rid of.

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