Reading Plans for 2012

I made detailed plans for 2010, from which I’ve still only read six books, and didn’t even bother last year. Last February, however, I picked out four books to read and did eventually get to all of them. I tend to do better with shorter lists because I can view it as mandatory short-term reading, like with library lists.

In 2012, I have five(!) goals for my reading. First, I do still want to get to all the books on my 2010 list. I’ve got a TBR word document three pages long, and those few I had pulled out still seem appealing.

Second, I want to continue reading classics. Last year was not too shabby but I still didn’t feel like I read very many (probably because two were so long). I’d really like to read The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, and The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugham.

Third, I’d like to continue with authors and series I’ve started,especially mysteries. Several of these were mentioned on the 2010 list and are still languishing. To pick a few, I’d like to read at least one book each by Carolyn Hart, Angela Thirkell, E.F. Benson, Laura Childs, Brian Jacques, and Alexander McCall Smith.

Fourth, I’m declaring this the Year of the Reread. In some ways this might seem counter-intuitive when there are so many new books waiting, but going back to the beginning with the Jane Austen mysteries made me realize how little I remember anyway. Besides, it might me the impetus I need to continue with the series. I was a chronic rereader as a child and have gotten away from it in recent years, other than occasionally dipping into favorite parts of favorite books.  I’d almost rather read a book I know I’ll like rather than take my chances with one yet unread. This year I’m giving myself permission to do so.

Finally, I had a lot of fun rereading a couple Dana Girls books last year, and I’d like to keep going. I’m still way behind on Girl Detective books as well; I’m only halfway through the series.

I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I really am feeling more inspired to read. I don’t think I’ll ever again reach the book totals I did in high school (probably in part because I was never online back then), but I’m okay with that. I’m reading for enjoyment again and not letting myself get overwhelmed by the imbalance between available books and available time, like I have been in the past.

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