Nancy Drew Graphic Novels

Since I shared my thoughts here on the Nancy Drew Girl Detective series, I thought I would mention some additional series news.

Papercutz is now beginning a graphic novel series in the Nancy Drew Clue Crew universe, which are aimed at younger readers. I’ve read many of the print series, and enjoy them, and I think the target group does as well. In fact, I would say that Clue Crew is preferable to and more consistent that the Girl Detective series.

I’m taking this as good news, because it makes me think the Clue Crew series will continue despite the switch to the Nancy Drew Diaries. I’m also glad that Papercutz remains committed to Nancy Drew. Even though they have many successes since, Nancy was one of their earliest projects.

On the other hand, I love the main graphic novels and hope that this is not a replacement. Even though I didn’t understand the revamp and am disappointed it seems to have petered out after a trilogy, I was overall impressed by the quality and consistency of the books. Is there a chance that Papercutz is just holding out to see what Simon and Schuster does?

I’ve grown up with both traditional American comic strips and manga-style artwork, and like both. Sho Murase’s art was never a problem for me, though there were some volumes I liked more than others and Nancy sometimes had a very angular figure. One of the selling points of this new Clue Crew series is that is illustrated in the American style by Stan Goldberg, who worked on Archie comics. I’m not as much a fan of this particular artwork from the few pages I’ve seen, but I’ll hold off on judgement until my preordered book arrives.

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