Summertime, and the Living Is Easy

Once again, posting during the school year just didn’t really happen for me. I find that once all the planning and grading are done,all I want to do is relax with a new book, not write about the last one I finished.

I have a ton of old drafts because I did at least keep my habit of making notes to myself as I read. The only thing that these reviews still need is the synopsis, which ironically for me is the hardest part. I can be quite long-winded and have trouble summing up a book succinctly. I’ve got a stack of books on my nightstand glaring at me for this sole reason, so one of the things to cross off on my to-do list this week is finalizing the posts. Bear with me if you see a lot of them suddenly crop up!

It was a very mystery-heavy spring, so my focus on summer reading is to mix in some classics. Last summer I kept Bleak House in the car for whenever I had a break between tutoring students or was waiting around somewhere. I’m thinking about giving Oliver Twist a go this time around; I’ve seen the movie(s)–real as well as Oliver and Company–and read the heavily abridged illustrated classic as a child.

I’m also continuing the Year of Rereading. The Jasper Fforde books are just calling my name, and I’m so excited to start from the beginning with Thursday and her world.

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