Finds at the Used Book Store

At the last several booksales, I’ve had more luck with other series than Nancy Drew, especially Hardy Boys and Bobbsey Twins. I also already own more Nancy’s than the others, but the overall trend seems to be that it is less available, perhaps because it is more well-known and held on to.

My luck changed a bit when I stopped by the small used book store near my school. I recalled from the last time I was there that they had a decent collection of series books, and I wasn’t disappointed. There were several of the yellow book club editions, and I chose four:

photos 002I didn’t have any of these cover illustrations, because most of my lower-volumes are hand-me-downs without dust jackets (not that I could ever replace them for sentimental reasons). I was especially excited to get the smoking man cover of Broken Locket, as that book is one of my favorites.

Speaking of favorites, I was over the moon to find a paperback copy of The Little White Horse. I had no idea that it had been reissued; I guess they hoped the blurb by J.K.Rowling might make a difference. I checked this book out several times from the school library when I was younger and just adored it. I’m a little bit afraid that it won’t live up to my memory, but I just read a few pages and don’t think that will be the case. I can recall so clearly many of the elements, especially Maria’s rabbit Serena and the scene where Robin takes her home to his mother.  I will have to save this for the perfect time to reread.

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