Sorcerers and Secretaries

I had never heard of Sorcerers & Secretaries before spotting it on the library shelf, but it turned out to be a really cute two-volume graphic novel. This is a romance/comedy by Amy Kim Ganter about a girl who wants to be a writer.

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Nicole Hayes is in business school studying to someday help out at the family business and working as a secretary in the evenings. The night, however, is her own time when in her dreams she can indulge in her love of fantasy and fairy tales. Secretly she devotes every spare minute to writing this story in a notebook she carries around with her. One day, however, she runs into Josh Kim, her former neighbor. Josh puts on a ladies’ man persona but has secretly always had a thing for Nicole. She, on the other hand, does not want to be seen as simply a conquest, and fears that romance will distract her from her dream of writing. As they resume their former friendship, both will have to decide what the future holds for them.

The story was pretty predictable but still sweet, and a quick read. I couldn’t put it down and finished in an hour and a half! The art is also more of a comic book style, which I slightly prefer, rather than manga. I think the time devoted to Nicole’s friend Samantha would have been better spent fleshing out the relationship between the two main characters to give us more history on their friendship. Granted, I can see how that is hard to do in the somwhat linear restrictions of a visual format. I also thought that the speed with which Josh dropped his flirting ways didn’t ring true. I doubt he would have learned them so easily if they weren’t at some level innate.

One of the book’s biggest strengths, however, is Nicole’s fantasy writing. Her story of the sorcerer Ellon who is betrayed by his a familiar, a source of friendship and inspiration, is woven through the main narrative and provides a nice parallel. In this way Sorcerers and Secretaries will appeal to both fantasy lovers and romance readers. After all, there is room for both in the world!

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